Why should I hire a content writer?

It’s so easy to create a professional-looking website. Web hosting and design tools – and readily available image – means that a start-up or independent business can get going pretty quickly. But creating a really effective online presence needs something more.

Web Content

Your website is the first place most prospective clients and customers will read about you. It should attract visitors, provoke engagement and ultimately, get people to buy your products or services.

The written content of your website is crucial in helping you establish trust with your customers, authority in your field and in generating leads through search engines. Whether you’re looking for a full research and website writing service, or just some support with the editing and re-purposing of existing content, a professional copywriter can sort it.

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If your business has a website, your website should have a blog. Blogging is a powerful way to showcase to prospective customers the solutions you can bring to their problems. Well-written blog content offers lots of opportunities for you to rank well in search engines. What’s more, a variety of blog posts that provide solutions to those problems your potential customers face will drive lots more traffic to your website.

Blogging helps you to become a thought-leader, influencer or authority in your field. It’s a way to tell your story – how you want to tell it. This is important in cultivating your brand and building trust with customers, as well as connecting personally with your audience. Blogging also dovetails really well with social media, so readers can share your content.  

To make an impact, blog posts must be relevant, regular and compelling, Many entrepreneurs, however, don’t have time to research and write. That’s why hiring a content writer is such a good investment: they do it so well, bringing expertise and experience and knowing what really works.

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Copywriting is the process of crafting words that prompt people to take action. Having established your website as a hub for your business and established yourself as a reputable and trustworthy brand, you need to convert those prospective into customers. As visitors move through your website, the trust that words build between you and your prospective customers is crucial in converting that initial interest into sales. A copywriter can work on those all-important calls to action that really make a difference.

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Print-based content marketing, brochure and prospectus work

Don’t underestimate the importance of print-based content marketing to your business. For organisations looking to communicate information, the print-based brochure is still a really important part of your content strategy. In today’s digital age, people consume print-based content in different ways. It lets you into your customers’ lives a little more and establishes trust between you and your clients.

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