Actually, it's all about you.

Getting to know you is the most important part of the process of writing the words you need. Great content and effective copy is all about making sure you’re talking to your tribe in a way they understand. It’s about making sure your potential clients and customers get to know the personality behind your brand.

Whether you’re an industry leader who needs clear, corporate communication or a maverick start-up who wants to tell it like it is, I’ll find the right tone of voice for you and your business.

I’m Anthony. When it comes to words, I love nothing more than getting it just right.

I began my career teaching English — a hands-on apprenticeship in the written word. I first became aware of the power of great web content as an education blogger. I blogged about writing and teaching English, and as my own content gained a wider audience, I saw for myself how great content leads to effective SEO and lead generation.

As my blog continued to grow in popularity, there was a really positive impact on my profile. I led writing workshops at national conferences and contributed to my specialist field as a freelance writer — which I continue to do. Increasingly, friends and colleagues would ask me to share advice or write content for their projects. I love using my aptitude for writing — and the skills I’ve learned as a blogger — to help people showcase their work and build their businesses. Having spent over fifteen years helping young people to find their voice, I’m finally finding my own — and I’m loving it.

Read about some of my latest projects – or get in touch and tell me about yours.

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