I think it’s important to be clear about how much you can expect to pay. I also aim to give you some flexibility, so you don’t pay more than you should for your copy. I quote for work per project, rather than per word or per hour, a model that’s viewed as industry best-practice.

When preparing your quote, I’ll take into account the nature of your organisation and how much value my work will add, the scope of your project and how much research is needed to complete the work.

To help you budget for your project, I’ve designed two typical price profiles. You know your business better than anyone, and you’ll likely know which is right for you – although I’ll guide you if you’re unsure.

Regularly published content has much more impact than one-time content that gets dated quickly. For example, a blog that’s not been updated for a long time doesn’t establish trust or authority. If you want to keep your brand fresh, showcase your products and services, generate leads and convert prospects into customers, you’ll find that regularly published content is great investment in your business.

For individuals, freelancers and sole tradersFor larger organisations or businesses that rely on inbound marketing

Comprehensive web content (about, services, testimonials, contact)


Regular Content

Articles and blog posts up to 750 words
£90 for one, £210 for three

Welcome email or single marketing email
£90 for one, £210 for three


Detailed web content (brand stories and product and service descriptions)


Regular Content

Long form articles and blog posts up to 1200 words
£280 for one, £760 for three

Content-rich emails
£280 one, £760 for three

Find out more about how I could help you.

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