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Why hiring a tutor for your child this year is the best investment you can make in their future

If you’re worried about the impact of five months of lockdown on your child, you’re certainly not alone. But as many parents have discovered, hiring a tutor ensures your child won’t fall behind, as well as keeping them motivated and curious.

The challenges we’ve all faced as parents this year have been unprecedented. As well as dealing with the demands of working from home, we’ve also been grappling with fronted adverbials and bar models or making sure our teenagers emerge from their rooms in time to actually get some work done.

As our children have headed back to school, many of us are anxious. How much have they fallen behind? What about those looming exams? Have we done enough to help as parents?

A private tutor, however, can solve these problems and reassure you that the impact of recent events on your child’s education can be mitigated. 

A tutor builds confidence and self-esteem

Lockdown aside, the demands of school and the rigours of standardised testing can easily affect our children’s self-confidence. However, regular meetings with a tutor and a chance to achieve in visible, incremental steps can work wonders for their self-esteem. They’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a nurturing learning relationship and be praised for their achievements. 

Bespoke teaching from a tutor leads to rapid progress at school

With the best will in the world, a classroom teacher can only do so much to make sure each individual child receives the care and attention we’d like. But a tutor is able to get to know your child well and tailor their delivery to what they really need in terms of curriculum content and learning style. A tutor can match their teaching with your child’s needs, rapidly accelerating their progress in school. Tutors challenge the most able and support those who need it, and research from the Education Endowment Foundation proves it’s effective too.

Family life is much more manageable

The demands of home learning throughout lockdown has meant that almost all parents understand something of the challenges of attempting to teach their own children. But despite our best efforts, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our parental relationship with our children tends to get in the way of bringing about effective learning. The relationship that a tutor establishes solves this problem, as professional boundaries facilitate a more productive working environment.

A tutor teaches your child effective independent study habits

We often assume that by the time their exams come around, our children will have mastered the skills to plan their revision and deal successfully with the demands of covering a range of subjects. But in school, the amount of time available for teachers to nurture these skills is limited, given the demands of teaching a full curriculum. Tutors, however, work with children to identify their strengths and weaknesses. They can model what good study habits look like, systematically covering gaps in knowledge and content and showing your child how to work more effectively.

A tutor can help secure those all-important exam grades

Reforms to GCSEs and A-levels in recent years mean that young people are tested more than ever, and those tests are high stakes. Gone are the days when coursework and controlled assessment removed some of the pressure around exam season. With most courses now assessed purely by terminal examinations, a tutor really can make all the difference. The advantages of private tuition mean your child can be taught to deal successfully with the rigours of the exam by mastering the techniques that really make a difference.

Featured image by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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